Top 5: Favourite Guitar Performances


4 years ago I posted a blog entry stating my top 5 favourite electric guitar tracks. I thought it was about time I updated my list. I still love the songs I mentioned in 2010 but there have been new tracks that have blessed my ears since then, or at least songs I’ve grown to appreciate even more.

1. Got To Get Better In A Little While (live) – Derek and the Dominos

This is a song that the Dominos never recorded in the studio, at least in this live format with this structure. The band would record the song during their aborted second album sessions but it contained none of the magic featured in the live version and a completely different form. Clapton is on fire on this particular version which was played and recorded live at Fillmore East on the 23rd October 1970. When a band open a gig with a 14 minute rendition of a single song you know it’s going to be a good night. Clapton’s tone here is sublime, played on his Brownie Strat with a wah peddle giving an extra bit of texture. Talk about a tone to die for.

2. Crossroads (live) – Cream

In 1968, Cream were in blistering form. This recording is arguably one of the best live performances of all time, and in fact it’s consistently been voted one of the best. Clapton is just on fire here and the band as a unit (Jack Bruce on bass and Ginger Baker on drums) sound absolutely incredible. Talk about in the zone. The solo is improvisation at it’s best which is staggering when you listen to it a few times over. Recorded at Winterland in San Francisco on the 8th March 1968, this is without a doubt the definitive version of Crossroads. It’s a song that was originally written by Robert Johnson and even though it’s been covered by so many artists and bands over the years, THIS version is the one everyone sees as the standard.


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