November 2012 Blog Entry


I have been extremely busy since my last blog entry working on my EP Road To Chicago. If I may say so myself, it’s sounding amazing. Today I listened to the tracks in full and in order and they sound very very good. I really can’t wait for everyone to hear these songs.

As you know from past blog entries, the EP has taken it’s time due to my finishing of university and work commitments that I’ve had this year like writing two film soundtracks, but in the last month I’ve been able to sit down and put all my attention into the EP. All of the music is recorded and complete, the only thing that needs to be finished are the vocals which should be done in the next few weeks. Then the mixing and mastering stage will take place, some of which I’ve already started.

There is still no exact release date but it’s coming soon. Why no release date you may ask? I don’t want to rush things. I’m in no hurry, I want the tracks to sound the best that they can and that takes time. Setting a release date could potentially mean the tracks will be rushed and not sound as good as if I’d waited a bit longer.

What I can tell you though is that the EP is coming soon. And it’ll be available on iTunes, Spotify and other major music networks worldwide. I will also be selling hard copies which will be available at my gigs and available to buy from my website.

So, back to the desk I go to carry on working. It’s sounding great!




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