ANNOUNCEMENT: Blues Sessions Volume 1

I’m excited to announce that I will be recording a number of blues sessions between now and the end of the year. I will be recording five sessions in total with each session dedicated to a specific bluesmen that has influenced me, Big Bill Broonzy, Lighnin’ Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Son House. Each session will have 5-6 songs on them and I will be recording them live and they will be available to download online for a very small fee!

My reason for doing this is I don’t get to play these songs at the gigs I play due to length of set and crowd types but doing this will enable you all to hear me play the blues and listen to the songs that have influenced me.

This is volume 1 and I have plans to carry on with a volume 2 at the start of 2013 where I will record another five sessions dedicated to five other bluesmen. But in the mean time I’m  looking forward to you hearing the first volume!

Each session will be recorded and released on their own and I plan to record two sessions a month starting in October with each session released as soon as it’s recorded! I can’t wait for you to hear these. For all updates and news please ‘like’ my Facebook page and keep in touch!


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