September 2012 Blog Entry

Good afternoon! August was a fantastic month for me musically. After nearly two months of not gigging due to me writing my dissertation, I played at the Worcester Music Festival which was a fantastic way to get back on the stage! A week later I played at one of my favourite music bars in London, the AlleyCat in Denmark Street. It was a great evening! And September looks like it’s going to be more of the same.

Work is going well on both my EP and the two film soundtracks I’m currently working on. If you haven’t read a previous entry of mine, the soundtracks are a reason why the EP has been delayed. But it’s sounding good and it’s coming on nicely.

I’ve also decided to release a number of blues sessions of me playing songs by bluesmen that I love. The first will be a release dedicated to Lightnin’ Hopkins. I will carry on releasing these sessions every two or three months or so.

I’ve already playing a gig in September at the Arc Angel but I have one more coming up this month:

  1. Floripa, Shoreditch, London – 18th

Between the 20th and 27th of this month I’ll be in Croatia and Italy so there won’t be any gigs. In the UK anyway. I’m currently looking to put on gigs in Split (Croatia) and Venice (Italy). Nothing is confirmed yet but keep an eye on my Facebook page for any updates!


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