August 2012 Blog Entry

Ciao! It’s been an extremely busy few months for me. At the end of July I handed in my university dissertation which was something that prevented me from doing many gigs in July and also recording too. But after handing it in it’s been full steam ahead with many projects!

1. My debut EP Road To Chicago is coming on nicely. It’s still set for release this year and in the last week or two I’ve completely finished two of the tracks. There’s still work to do on the others but they’re coming on great and I can’t wait to release the EP. Just the other day I uploaded a new promo video to YouTube which you can watch here:

2. I’m also still working on two film soundtracks which are set for release in 2013. These soundtracks have been the main reason why the EP has been delayed since the spring but everything is coming together nicely at the moment.

3. In May I visited Iceland and wrote 5-6 songs which I plan to release as my second EP early next year, or ideally around Christmas time this year. The songs are all acoustic tracks and feature nothing but acoustic guitar and vocals.

It’s now coming to the end of August but I have two great gigs coming up before September arrives. This Saturday (25th) I’ll be playing my first festival in Worcester and next Thursday I’ll be playing at the AlleyCat in Denmark Street, London which is where I attend the weekly blues jams. But instead of a jam it’s my own slot. Hope to see you there!


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