City and Colour – Roundhouse, London – REVIEW

City and Colour at the Roundhouse. What can I say? It was fantastic. The building was packed long before Dallas Green took to the stage, with people talking excitingly about the fact the gig was to be recorded and released ready in time for when the encore ended. The gig was one of only three shows on the European tour to get the special live CD treatment and the band didn’t disappoint.

The opening track was straight from the latest album ‘Little Hell’ and we were treated to a wide selection of songs from debut album ‘Sometimes’, follow up ‘Bring Me Your Love’ and the latest outing. The latest single ‘Weightless’ was one of many highlights from the first half of the show with it’s catchy guitar riffs and sublime vocals. Actually, what City and Colour tracks DON’T have sublime vocals…?

The main highlight of the gig for me was the acoustic solo section at the half way point of the set. I absolutely love his first two albums which were more acoustic guitar based compared to ‘Little Hell’, so to hear songs like ‘Day Old Hate’, ‘Body In A Box’, ‘What Makes A Man’ and (my favourite song) ‘The Girl’ performed this way was unbelievable and the atmosphere in the venue was out of this world. The applause seemed to be twice as loud during the acoustic section.

  1. We Found Each Other In The Dark
  2. The Death Of Me
  3. Waiting…
  4. Grand Optimist
  5. As Much As I Ever Could
  6. Weightless
  7. Day Old Hate
  8. Body In A Box
  9. What Makes A Man
  10. The Girl
  11. Little Hell
  12. Sleeping Sickness
  13. Fragile Bird
  14. Sorrowing Man
  15. Comin’ Home
  16. Sometimes

The band returned to power through new tracks like ‘Fragile Bird’ and ‘Sorrowing Man’ which already feel like they have been played live for years on end and not tracks which were only released four months ago. As the band departed for a second time, Dallas returned for the encore and played ‘Comin’ Home’ and ‘Sometimes’, the former played acoustically, while the band returned one final time for an electric version of the final track from the album ‘Sometimes’. It was brilliant.

This was my second time seeing City and Colour after being at the HMV Forum in London last year, and I can’t wait to go again whenever he returns. Just like Iron & Wine, Dallas is picking up a big following here in the UK which will definitely result in future tours being planned. It was absolutely fantastic.


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