August Plans

Hi guys

This is my first post in a quite a while. Since the beginning of the year I’ve used my blog to post news on artists I like but now things are changing. I’ll still do that from time to time but now I’m focusing on things I’m doing and I want to begin with telling you my plans for this month, August.

I’ve been writing a lot of material over the past few months and with my band ‘The Tom Caswell Band’ we’re going to start putting the pieces together, finish up the songs and get them ready to record in October. The style of the songs are very broad but they’re very firmly rooted in the blues. Some have psychedelic touches and others have a touch of 1960’s rock but they all take you back to the blues. One of the song titles is ‘Freight Train To Mississippi’ which is a really old sounding track which I’m aiming to record using old analogue equipment instead of digital to really get a genuine ‘old’ sound.

I can’t wait to start work on these tracks. As they develop this month I’ll begin to play them live with my band starting at shows in September. (Check out the events menu above!) I’ll post snippets of the tracks as they come together and I really hope you like them, all feedback is very much welcome!




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