Paul McCartney – McCartney

Released in 1970, this was the first solo album to be released by Paul McCartney after the break up of The Beatles. Recorded at his home in London along with Abbey Road and Morgan Studios it’s very different compared to previous Beatle albums. The songs are classic McCartney, but the production is very raw because he decided to produce it himself instead of opting for the polished sound that George Martin had given to albums previously. But this isn’t a bad thing at all.

As well as producing the album, McCartney also played every single instrument on every song which is something he continues to do today. From start to finish, the record is full of fantastic tracks which make you wonder what another Beatles album would have sounded like. It would have been fantastic.

  1. The Lovely Linda
  2. That Would Be Something
  3. Valentine Day
  4. Every Night
  5. Hot As Sun/Glasses
  6. Junk
  7. Man We Was Lonely
  8. Oo You
  9. Momma Miss America
  10. Teddy Boy
  11. Singalong Junk
  12. Maybe I’m Amazed
  13. Kreen-Akrore

‘The Lovely Linda’ is the opening track and is a beautiful intro to the album. It only lasts for 46 seconds unfortunately, but showcases the talent McCartney has for writing beautiful melodies. ‘That Would Be Something’ is one of my favourite tracks on the album and one of the best songs McCartney wrote after the breakup of the Beatles. Wonderfully simplistic acoustic guitar part. ‘Valentine Day’ is the first instrumental track on the album and sees McCartney experimenting with instruments to make this fine track.

‘Every Night’ is a song that gets stuck in your head after the first listen and again showcases his ability to write fantastic music so effortlessly. ‘Hot as Sun/Glasses’ is the second instrumental which again experiments with sounds, but the best part for me is the snippet of ‘Suicide’ at the end. It’s a track a lot of people have asked about and McCartney actually includes the entire recording on the 2nd CD of the reissue released this year. ‘Junk’ is a track written in India with The Beatles in 1968. It was never released by them but finds it’s way onto his debut solo album. And rightly so because it’s a great track.

‘Man We Was Lonely’ features Linda McCartney on backing vocals and is followed by ‘Oo You’ which is the rockiest track on the entire album. The vocals on this track are absolutely sublime and the track is layered from start to finish with fantastic guitar riffs. ‘Momma Miss America’ is the third instrumental and again has a lot of great riffs throughout. The outro to this track is my favourite part, containing some of the best lead guitar on the album. Just like ‘Junk’, ‘Teddy Boy’ was recorded around 1968 and didn’t make it onto a Beatles album. It’s without a doubt my favourite track on the album. The melodies are fantastic and the chord changes really give you goosebumps. A shame it didn’t make it onto a Beatles album but I think it definitely turned out better this way. ‘Singalong Junk’ is a longer version of the original track but instead features piano instead of vocals.

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ is probably the track everyone knows from this album. It’s a track that is still played to this day in live shows and a track that really gets the crowd going. A piano balled that can be seen in the same vein as ‘Let It Be’ and ‘The Long And Winding Road’,  it features the best vocals on the entire album along with the best lyrics. It’s an outstanding track. The final number ‘Kreen-Akore’ is another instrumental which really sees McCartney experimenting the most.

‘McCartney’ is one of my favourite albums and definitely one of my favourite post-Beatles album. It’s just been reissued with a number of different versions available to buy. The 2nd disc contains outtakes and live tracks, and there’s also a DVD and vinyl version available. Whichever you go for, you won’t be disappointed.


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