Tristen – Charlatans At The Garden Gate

This album arrived in the post a few days ago having ordered it online from America, and I’m so glad I did. I reviewed the track ‘Baby Drugs’ a few weeks ago which features on this album so I was really looking forward to getting the album. It’s still not available on the UK iTunes store but if you buy it off Amazon from an American store it only takes 6-7 days to arrive and all for around £6!

The sound on the album is truly refreshing and she’s a remarkable new artist who I’m dying to see live, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon without me heading across the Atlantic to America. From start to finish, every track on the album contains such a mix of instruments along with fine vocal performances. It’s a remarkable record.

  1. Eager For Your Love
  2. Matchstick Murder
  3. Doomsday
  4. Avalanche
  5. Battle Of The Gods
  6. Baby Drugs
  7. Heart And Hope To Die
  8. Wicked Heart
  9. Tadpole
  10. Special Kind Of Fear
  11. Save Raina

The opening track ‘Eager For Your Love’ is full of catchy lyrics and the chorus is just sublime. The same can be said for every other track on the album. The lyrics are beautiful and so catchy that you’ll be singing along straight away. The next tracks ‘Matchstick Murder’ and  ‘Doomsday’ are again just as good. Tristen obviously has a way with melodies because I’m finding it extremely hard to describe them without using the word ‘fantastic’ over and over again.

‘Battle Of Gods’ and ‘Heart And Hope To Die’ are two belters with (yet again) catchy lyrics and melodies left right and centre. There’s a hint of the sixties in the latter which is no bad thing at all as that was in my opinion the most creative and best decade as far as music went. ‘Tadpole’ continues the trend of the album and has a great original sound, something that is lacking in todays music world apart from a handful of other artists such as She & Him.

As far as debut records go this is a cracker and just proves that the best artists to be found are all signed to independent record labels. The mainstream market is seriously lacking in talent and creativity but I’m glad for it. They can keep Justin Beiber, they can keep Lady Gaga, because I know I’m listening to someone so much better and if people think Lady Gaga is the best thing since sliced bread then they don’t deserve to listen to an artist as good as Tristen.

Go out and buy this album because it’s without a doubt one of the best records you’ll buy all year. It’s fantastic, superb, brilliant and so so refreshing.


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