ALBUM UPDATE: March 2011

A small update for everyone! Progress is going well on the album, currently adding finishing touches to a number of songs but I’ve still got two to record properly which I hope to have finished in the coming weeks. As you probably know, I’m recording everything on my laptop and as soon as they’re done I’ll be heading into the studio to add drums and vocals.

Here’s a little taster of a song I’m finishing up at the moment called ‘Swollen Skies And Golden Sparks’. It’ll be the final track on the album:

Certain tracks on the album will feature vocals performed by friends of mine, but you’ll have to wait until the album is released to find out who’ll be on there! When it’s done I’ll be putting it on iTunes for people to download and I’ll also have a limited number of hard copies as well. I’ll also be putting a full band together to gig the album and I’m hoping to have an album release showcase in Guildford with all vocal guest performing!

Cheers, Tom.


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