Tristen – Baby Drugs

“I will pick your clothes up in the morning, I will put the coffee by the bed. Baby don’t you want me to bring you those drugs? Baby don’t you want me to bring you those drugs?”

The opening lyrics from this stunning song are absolutely fantastic and they’ll remain in your head for the rest of the week! Taken off Tristen’s debut album ‘Charlatans At The Garden Gate’, the track showcases her unique and refreshing sound spectacularly. The lyrics are absolutely divine as is the beautiful production work, not to mention the instruments themselves. Since first hearing this song I’ve had it on a constant loop.

The album has already been released on the iTunes US store but it’s yet to come to the UK in digital or CD format unless you have it imported. That’s exactly what I’ve done and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

We probably won’t see Tristen in the UK anytime soon unfortunately. It’s times like these when you really wish you lived in America. She’s currently touring the US at venues all over the country and if this track alone is anything to go by (it is), then she’s going to be one of the artists of the year.


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