Paul Simon – The Afterlife

The new single from Paul Simon is extremely infectious, I guarantee it’ll be stuck in your head after the first listen. Simon is a master of rhyming lyrics and they’re everywhere in this track, flowing like a river. His vocals are as fresh as ever and they really remind you of many of his early seventies album where this song could fit in with ease.

You can listen to the track here:

The track is taken from his new album ‘So Beautiful or So What’ which is released in April, and for those who have heard it it’s the best album he’s done since the 1970’s. In a recent interview he seems to agree, as he focused more on songwriting on a single instrument which apparently he hasn’t done since the 1980’s. The production is also top notch, simple, limited and laid back. Whereas a lot of new albums focus a lot on production techniques that add to the sound, this song and album relies on the level of songwriting. And the level, as always with Paul Simon, is extremely high.


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