She & Him – Don’t Look Back

She & Him released their latest video back in January and it’s fantastic. The song ‘Don’t Look Back’ is from their second album ‘Volume 2’ which was released in March last year and the video has a very strong feel of the sixties in the way it’s filmed but with colours used, set design, dance moves and items used in the video itself. You can watch it here:

I’ve been a lover of this band since their debut album ‘Volume 1’ was released in March 2008. The unbelievable talent that is guitarist and musician M. Ward and the beautiful and very sixties American sounding Zooey Deschanel compliment each other fantastically. Deschanel is the primary songwriter and Ward is the brains behind all of the musical components.

The song (and every song that She & Him have written) features exceptional playing and arrangements. Deschanel sings lead vocals but also applies harmonies at points throughout the song which makes it sound very sixties. Ward is a master at guitar and never plays too much or too little, adding subtle parts throughout the song. The production of the song and the entire second album is out of this world.

You can listen to the song separately here:

I really recommend their two albums if you haven’t got them already, you won’t be disappointed. Their sound is exceptional and very very unique.


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