Mick Jagger – Grammy Awards 2011

Nothing needs to be said about Mick Jagger, his achievements as one of the founding members of one of the greatest rock and roll bands the world has ever seen says it all. A few nights ago he paid tribute to the late great Solomon Burke at the 2011 Grammy Awards, singing ‘Everybody Needs Somebody to Love’. In short, he brought the entire Staples Centre down. The crowd went wild, the atmosphere electric, Mick (67) was showing the young kids how it’s done.

There’s no doubt in anyones mind that they had just witnessed one hell of a performance. The whole crowd were in the palm of his hand, throwing himself across the stage like the Mick Jagger of the 1970’s. This is Jagger in his prime. From a time where artists genuinely had love and respect for music, a time where it was all about the feel, the groove, the moves. No-one else who performed at the Grammy Awards this year had it. But Jagger did and always has.

Whatever happens this year regarding The Rolling Stones there’s one thing for sure, Mick is raring to go, singing and moving as well as he’s ever done.


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