M. Ward – Hold Time

This is such a beautiful album. For those of you who don’t know M. Ward, he’s an American singer-songwriter and guitarist who’s also half of ‘She & Him’ (the other half being Zooey Deschanel). He’s a massive talent and he should be more recognised than he is. His music combines blues, folk, country and rock and it’s absolutely divine.

  1. For Beginners
  2. Never Had Nobody Like You
  3. Jailbird
  4. Hold Time
  5. Rave On
  6. To Save Me
  7. One Hundred Million Years
  8. Stars Of Leo
  9. Fisher Of Men
  10. Oh Lonesome Me
  11. Epistemology
  12. Blake’s View
  13. Shangri-La
  14. Outro (I’m A Fool To Want You)

You need to listen to the album as a whole, completely uninterrupted to take in it’s full effect. However there are certain tracks that on their own blow you away. The first three tracks are simply fantastic, but for me ‘One Hundred Million Years’ is the pinnacle of the album which is then followed by ‘Stars Of Leo’ which builds and builds in greatness right up until it ends. M. Ward is a great director of his music when he plays live and you can hear that in this track. He knows exactly what he wants, directing the other musicians like a conductor.

The album also features two fantastic vocal guest appearances, the first from Ward’s She & Him bandmate Zooey Deschanel who sings backing vocals on a number of songs, which includes the stunning ‘Never Had Nobody Like You’. The second and probably the guest that stands out the most, is the country and blues guitarist/singer Lucinda Williams who duets with Ward on ‘Oh Lonesome Me’. This is a great track which features a great slide guitar and strings. Brilliant.

M. Ward really needs to be more recognised as a writer and musician because his music is simply stunning. But even in America he limits what he does because he doesn’t like the limelight and the celebrity culture, he’s all about the music. If you listen to this album you can hear that, and it’s fantastic. I really recommend this album, you won’t be disappointed.


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