ALBUM UPDATE: December 2010

Great news, the album is coming on nicely and is on schedule for an early 2011 release. No exact date as of yet, but the recording is going well. I’ve been recording the songs using an acoustic guitar as the main instrument, recorded all on my iPhone. I then take those tracks and import them into Garageband where I then add further guitars and bass in some cases. My aim of the album is to keep it pretty relaxed and simple throughout, having as little overdubs as possible. All the key parts are in the acoustic tracks. I also have a piano song which will be the intro to the album, and that features a very bluesy guitar solo which then fades into the album.

I’ve since made a small alteration to the album cover, and this is the result:

As well as recording the album, I’m also designing the back cover which will feature the track listing. I’ll be releasing that right before the end of the year!

I’m looking forward to releasing this album. I’m going to put it on iTunes and also gig to support it in 2011. Thanks for reading!


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