John Lennon: 30 Years Later

Can’t quite believe John Lennon was killed 30 years ago today. Even though I obviously wasn’t born for another 9 years, it’s had a huge effect. Just reading articles and watching news bulletins from 1980 on YouTube gives me the chills and fills me with a huge sadness, that a person could do something like that to someone so loved by everyone.

Been listening to a lot of John Lennon the past few days. Haven’t listened to his albums for a while, but they’ve fantastic. His debut after leaving The Beatles, 1970’s ‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’ is truly superb. It’s filled with raw emotion on songs such as ‘I Found Out’, ‘Isolation’, ‘Well Well Well’ and ‘God’. It’s extremely hard to pick a favourite song from this album. It’s absolutely beautiful. But I can definitely pick my favourite lyric:

‎I was the dreamweaver, but now I’m reborn. I was the walrus, but now I am John. And so dear friends, you’ll just have to carry on. The dream is over. – God

Stunning, nothing more to say.

His next album, 1971’s ‘Imagine’ is just as good and you can sense the raw emotion has faded a little from the previous year. However the song ‘How Do You Sleep?’ is a direct message to Paul McCartney which is both the worst thing and the best thing I have ever heard. It’s a great song, but the lyrics are so attacking that you can really sense the anger and hatred. This is what makes the song. Other tracks on the album include ‘Jealous Guy’, ‘Imagine’, ‘It’s So Hard’ and ‘Oh My Love’, all of them making up a fantastic album.

Even though Lennon’s songwriting faded a little towards the mid 1970’s, he continued to be a huge influence on people, and who knows what he would have achieved if he’d lived. Sadly this is something we’ll never know. But his songs will always be remembered, as will he, as one of the greatest musicians, songwriters and men that ever lived.

JOHN LENNON –  1940-1980


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